Lumber Transport Technology: Our company offers the full range of products: trailers and semi-trailers for long and short lumber, vehicle superstructures, platforms, individual bunks and stakes that can be used for complete vehicle refits.

Truck Superstructures Semi-trailers Superstructures
Repairs and Refitting
Bunks, Stakes

Customised production:Our production facilities are also used for manufacturing tailor-made transformers, the underframes of semi-trailers and trailers, and various load-bearing frames based on customers’ specifications.

-Transformer components, Underframes of trailers and semi-trailers, Main frames and other constructions

Transformer components
Underframes of trailers and semi-trailers  Main frames and other construction

Sweeping Technology:Our company has developed a mountable self-collecting sweeper suitable for sweeping different kinds of hard-surface areas (warehouses, driveways, pavements).
The sweeper can be mounted onto a forklift truck, a tractor or a front loader.