Our technological capacities

  • Electrode welding using MIG, MAG or WIG (TIG) method
  • Material cutting, up to 320 mm in diameter
  • Plasma cutting, up to 20 mm in thickness
  • Shearing, up to 10 mm in thickness
  • Roll bending up to 12 mm in thickness and 2000 mm in width
  • CNC bending and squaring, up to 10 mm in thickness and 3000 mm in length (220 t)
  • Pressing up to 40 t
  • Corundum blasting (pieces with a max. length of 14 m; width of 3.8 m; height of 3.5 m and weight of 6 t)
  • Zinc metallising (spraying) (max. dimensions of pieces identical with blasting)
  • Paintwork (synthetic, epoxy, poly-urethane, acrylic or water-borne paints)
  • Steelworks up to a weight of 8.5 t, height of 3.45 m and length of 14 m
  • Services over the parameters above are provided by our subcontractors

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